Writing Center

Writing Center

Spring 2022 Sessions Start Sat Jan 29th!!

**Our Session Schedule is Up-- You can book now**

124 Barbara Moll Grant Hall (Formerly Preakness)

We are now open 7 days a week!

In-person or Online Sessions Mon-Thur (10 to 7) & Fri (10 to 4) 

Online Session only Sat & Sun (1 to 7)

Can’t find an open slot? Need help signing up or booking a session?  Any other questions or concerns?

Text us (no voice calls please) at (201) 285 7751. We can help.

We'll get back to you in two days (often less) and find a good time to meet with you about your writing.

Learn more with our Online Starter Kit.

How can we help? Want to Meet Us? Watch our Welcome Video on YouTube!

  • We consult with you one-on-one about any kind of writing, at any stage.
  • All sessions are 45 minutes. Just come see us in person or meet us online by clicking into the session.
  • Some consultants also offer "etutoring" sessions where you drop off your assignment and current draft. We send you back our comments within one day.  
  • We can help you with reviewing assignments, brainstorming, getting started, expanding ideas, revising early drafts, crafting your thesis, organizing and outlining, adding power and style, using/citing sources, and reviewing strategies for editing and proofreading.
  • Our main goal is to help you to become a stronger and more confident writer.

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Book appointments with us here. 

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For more information please contact:

Sean Molloy
352 Preakness Hall
300 Pompton Road
Wayne, New Jersey 07470
(m) 973 801 4688

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