COHSS Awards

2017 - 2018 Award Winners

  • Award for Staff Excellence:  Suzanne Petrozza (Dean’s Office)
  • Award for Adjunct Excellence: Eugene Packer (Psychology)
  • Award for Faculty Service: Jan Mohlman (Psychology)
  • Award for Faculty Research: Joanne Miyang Cho (History)
  • Group Project Recognition: World War I Centennial Lecture Series, a four-year series of events commemorating the centennial of the War to End All Wars led by the following History faculty members:  Theodore Cook, Dewar MacLeod, Lucia McMahon, and George Robb.


2016 - 2017 Award Winners

  • Award for Staff ExcellenceJim Miles (Languages & Cultures)
  • Award for Adjunct ExcellenceDavid Plested (Psychology)
  • Award for Faculty ServiceRyan Rebe (Political Science)
  • Award for Faculty TeachingJim Mellis (English) and Chris Holle (Psychology)
  • Award for Faculty ResearchMaya Chadda (Political Science)
  • Group Project RecognitionThe Gandhian Forum for Peace and Justice (  Director: Stephen Shalom (Political Science).  Executive Board members: Giuliana Andreopoulos (ECON), Eliana Antoniou (MATH), Maya Chadda (Political Science), Theodore Cook (History), Laura Fattal (ELED), Pixy Ferris (COMM), Navyug Gill (History), Steve Hahn (Provost's Office; English), Djanna Hill (SED; Africana World Studies), Rajender Kaur (English), Richard Kearney (LIB), Kathleen Korgen (Sociology), Kathleen Malu (SED; Executive Board Chair), Raza Mir (MGMT), Balmurli Natrajan (Anthropology), Anna Marie O'Connor (student), Elena Sabogal (Women’s & Gender Studies), and Anton Vishio (MUS).

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 2015 - 2016 Award Winners

  • Award for Adjunct Excellence:  Phlippe Eberhard (Languages & Cultures)
  • Award for Staff ExcellenceSandy DeJesus (Dean's Office, HSS)
  • Award for Faculty Research:  Eric Steinhart (Philosophy)
  • Award for Faculty Service:  Carole Sheffield (Political Science)
  • Award for Faculty Teaching:  Michael Principe (Political Science)
  • Group Project Recognition:  The Mix (student magazine) Martha Witt, Tom Uhlein, Liane Robertson, and Theresa DiGeronimo 


2014 - 2015 Award Winners

  • Award for Adjunct Excellence:  Doris White (English) and Vincent Rama (Philosophy)
  • Award for Staff Excellence:  Kim Heisler (English)
  • Award for Faculty Research:  Gabe Wang (Sociology)
  • Award for Faculty Service:  Theodore Cook (History)
  • Award for Faculty Teaching:  Lucia McMahon (History)
  • Group Project Recognition:  Map Literary ( Founding Editors: Linda HamalianJohn Parras and Christopher Salerno; area editors: Bobby FischerDonna PerryTimothy Liu, and Liz Martin, with formative support provided by Judith Broome

2013 - 2014 Award Winners

  • Award for Adjunct ExcellenceRuth Maher (Anthropology)
  • Award for Staff ExcellenceMalissa Williams (History)
  • Award for Faculty ResearchBrad Gooch (English)
  • Award for Faculty TeachingDeniz Yucel (Sociology)
  • Award for Faculty ServiceSusan Dinan (History)
  • Group Project Recognition: Living Writers Program (West Moss, Martha Witt, Barbara Suess, Liane Robertson, Ian Marshall