International education supports William Paterson University's mission to prepare students for global citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world and multicultural society.  The University's curriculum and co-curricular activities foster knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will prepare citizens to have international, comparative, and multicultural sensibilities and competencies.  International education develops the abilities needed to frame issues and find solutions from a variety of cultural perspectives.  Our international initiatives will engage the region by sharing the expertise of its faculty and staff and by sponsoring events and forums on international, global, and multicultural issues.

Through the Center for International Education (CIE), in a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach, our goals are to:  support faculty in developing and infusing international, global, and multicultural perspectives in their course, programs, and research and scholarship; expose students to international experiences such as study abroad, student exchanges, and international internships; draw upon the diverse and multicultural backgrounds of students, faculty, and community in the educational process; spur greater civic engagement and social responsiblity; and cultivate intercultural competencies in faculty, students, and staff.

At William Paterson University, we have over 40 faculty and students who have received prestigious Fulbright Scholar Awards to teach, study, and conduct research in as many countries around the world.

The Center for International Education houses:

The Center for International Education coordinates and supports

  • The Fulbright Faculty Program
  • The Fulbright Student Program
  • International College and University Agreements and partnerships
  • International Visiting Scholars and International Visiting Research Fellows

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Cinzia Richardson
Director Office of International Students and Scholars

Morrison Hall, Room110B

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