Gain Experience: Jobs & Internships

We know Job & internship searching can be stressful at times but the Career Center is here to help you develop your job & internship search plan.  

When it comes to searching, there are two primary methods: traditional and proactive. We suggest taking advantage of both methods and tailoring them to your specific goals and interests.

The Traditional Search Method usually refers to the process of actively seeking out job vacancies that are publicly advertised by an organization. These vacancies are usually posted on job boards such as Handshake or other similar platforms. It is also possible to discover these positions through attending career fairs or other events hosted by potential employers.

The Proactive Search Method refers to the process of actively seeking out opportunities to apply for, whether or not they have been posted publicly. This method requires networking, targeting employers, and building a strong personal brand on platforms such as LinkedIn. 

Start Your Job Search Process!

Step 1: Determine your career criteria.

Step 2: Research fields, job titles, and industries.

Step 3: Build Your Brand! Network, Network, Network!

Step 4: Practice your interview skills.

Step 5: Begin your job search

Where to Apply


All WP Students have Handshake Accounts, students can access their accounts using their WP username and Password. 

Other Jobs Boards

Indeed Monster Glassdoor ZipRecruiter LinkedIn
FlexJobs Wellfound SimplyHired LinkUp Getwork

Community-Based Federal Work-Study Program

The Community Based Federal Work-Study Program is an opportunity to earn money and gain related experience in the community while you are completing your degree at William Paterson University. The goal of this program is to provide you with meaningful service and learning experiences relevant to your field of interest while supporting the work of non-profit, educational, and government organizations.  

Students who are federal work-study eligible have the option of participating in the off-campus community service program. These positions would allow students to work in local non-profit organizations as their federal work-study placement. These positions allow students to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and earn up to $16.00 per/hour. To learn more about the community-based service program please schedule an appointment with Sonia Wilson by calling the Career Center at 973-720-2282 or via email at 

If you’re applying for a Federal Work-Study position, please make sure to attend a Federal Work Study Student Employment Workshop or watch the webinar.

Job Scams

It is essential for job seekers to be cautious when searching for job opportunities online, as there are scammers who impersonate employers with the intention of defrauding unsuspecting students out of significant amounts of money. These job scams can be challenging to identify, and even legitimate job postings may later involve contact with a fake employer through various means such as email, online chat, in-person meetings, or over the phone. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution and be vigilant at all times when seeking employment online.

Spotting Red Flags

Be very careful if an employer/ Company does any of the following: 

  • The company lacks credibility online

  • All emails come from unofficial domains

  • No verifiable address for a physical office location

  • The company asks you to pay for your own supplies without the promise of repayment 

  • You are asked to send money in advance for certifications