Faculty & Staff

Bring Career Preparation to your students through our customized career presentations & workshops! Sessions on career topics for groups of students can have many benefits for our students and campus partners! 

Our team will be ready to present in your classroom or meeting. You can choose from one of our career readiness topics or request a customized presentation. 

Our sessions are completely customizable and can range from a brief 10-minute introduction to our services to a class workshop on a career readiness topic. Our sessions can be presented in person or virtually. 

Career Readiness Session Topics 

Career Center Overview/Services Resume & Cover Letter Development - Brand You Series

LinkedIn 101 - Brand You  Series 

Networking & Building Connections - Promote You Series

Discover You: Career Exploration with our Career Assessment PathwayU

Job & Internship Search Strategies Mentoring & Pesce Family Mentoring Program  Interviewing & Elevator Pitches - Promote You Series 

Handshake 101 

 Graduate School Preparation   Marketing your Skills  Community Based Federal Work-Study Program 

Presentation Recordings 

The Career Center can also provide you with a recorded version of presentations to be incorporated into your class or group presentation. Please email CareerDevelopment@wpunj.edu if you are interested in accessing a recording.

Presentation Requests 

We invite faculty, staff, & student organizations to request an in-person or virtual presentation.  The session can cover the standard career readiness topics listed above, or we can work with you to customize a session for your group or academic discipline. 

Submit your request via email CareerDevelopment@wpunj.edu 

  • Workshop requests are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. We will do our best to accommodate all requests; however, it will depend on staff availability and previously scheduled commitments. We will work with you to accommodate the request and may recommend alternative resources to support your group.
  • Our workshops range from a 10-minute overview to 30- or 60-minute presentations. Please indicate the workshop type and length of time you would like us to present to your group in the requested email. 
  • We recommend submitting requests for presentations at least three weeks before your preferred date

Infusing career-related content into the classroom can help students understand how their academics apply to their future careers.

You can meet your Career Center Staff Liaison to explore ways to integrate grade, extra credit, or professional development career-related assignments into your course. We can help you design meaningful career development assignments to embed in your curriculum.


    • Resume Assignments -Add a resume assignment to your course. Options can include requiring students to get a certain score on their resume, getting a resume review from the Career Center, attending a resume lab or workshop event, creating a handshake resume submission assignment or customizing an activity that would meet the needs of your course outcomes. 
    • Interview Preparation - Add a Mock Interview or Elevator Assignment to your course. 
    • Job & Internship Search - Utilize Handshake to incorporate a job search strategies activity into your course, such as learning how to search for relevant opportunities, conducting employer research, and messaging recruiters 
    • Career Exploration - Infuse our Career Assessment platform PathwayU into your course. Students can assess their strengths, interests, values, and workplace preferences through the interactive platform and conduct major and career research. 
    • Career Fair or Event - All events are posted on Handshake. Consider incorporating an event into your curriculum, such as a Career Fair, Networking Event or Industry Session. Students can register on Handshake, and we can provide proof of attendance. 
    • Career & Professional Success Badge - Integrate the Career & Professional Success Badge into your course. Have students complete our in-person or virtual modules. To learn more about our Badge.

Email CareerDevelopment@wpunj.edu to speak with your career liaison, and we can help you customize an experience for your students. 

Our Employer Relations team is here to support you and your students. Our team cultivates employment relationships for the campus community to create opportunities for our WP Pioneers. 

Guest Presenters

Our Employer partners are open to serving as guest presenters where they can bring their experience and industry knowledge to our students. Please contact the Career Center Team at CareerDevelopment@wpunj.edu to learn about connecting an employer partner to your class. 

Referring Employers & Recruiting Organizations 

We are always open to connecting with organizations interested in recruiting at William Paterson University for internships and job opportunities.  Our team can support your department by consulting employers to discuss recruitment at WP and outreach to companies that may be relevant for your students.

  • Recruiting- Refer professional contacts to post available employment opportunities on Handshake to recruit WP talent (It's free for employers). They can also email CareerDevelopment@wpunj.edu to request a consultation call with our employer relations team to learn more and explore recruiting possibilities. 
  • Mentoring - Refer a colleague or corporate partner interested in mentoring a WP student to our Pesce Family Mentoring Institute

Encourage your students to connect with their Career Coach!  All students will be able to identify their Career Coach on their success team on Navigate!  For a list of our Career Staff and the Communities they service, visit our Career Communities Hub. 

We recommend a student meet with their Career Coach at least once per academic year. Some students will need to set up recurring appointments based on their career goals and the current career stage they are working through. 

Scheduling Appointments 

Students can schedule appointments with their career coach on Navigate, or they can visit the Career Center in UC 301 or email us at CareerDevelopment@wpunj.edu 

When to Refer Students

  • Feeling stuck or lost regarding the choice of academic area of focus and/or career goals or before they change their academic major 
  • Developing career skills, including personal brand materials (resume/CV, cover letter, personal statements), interviewing, networking, internship/job searching, evaluating offers
  • Major Exploration: we can utilize our PathwayU Assessments to identify interests, skills, values, personality
  • We recommend students visit the career center the semester or year before they plan to start their internship or job search 

Become a Career Champion 

We know that career conversations with students can happen anywhere and everywhere! Our "Career Everywhere" philosophy aims to provide all students access and equity to career development. Our goal is to ensure they build their career readiness skills and acquire the tools and resources needed for post-graduation success.

Students seek career advice from those they know and trust. Our office wants to support you as a part of this critical process and recognize you as a partner of the WP Career Center. As a member of our Career Champions community, you'll have the opportunity to receive training, join discussions, and brainstorm about career issues as they relate to the William Paterson Community.

Career Champion Highlights 

  • Access to Career Training & Resources
  • Career Readiness Modules 
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Events & Recognition

Email our team at CareerDevelopment@wpunj.edu