Bb World 2011: Notes, comments, ideas

Blackboard World 2011 provided me with an opportunity to share with colleagues and peers, learning more about the system as it exists and about what is to come. As always some sessions were more useful than others; I wish there was a way to know one from the other beforehand! The conference space was huge and I certainly got my exercise.

Our largest and most comprehensive event, BbWorld® brings together clients from around the globe using all Blackboard solutions. This is the premier training, networking and professional development event for Blackboard users. 

Bb World 2011

Each year, we host BbWorld® with the aim of bringing together our community's most vital and resourceful group of teaching and learning innovators.  As past BbWorld® attendees have said, "there is no better place to discover, share and learn, experience and participate in leveraging Blackboard."

The notes to the right will be updated as I uncover links to the presentations themselves, but the process of updating this site is likely to happen at a leisurely pace.

I welcome questions, comments, catcalls, and other feedback --

Cheers, Robert

Robert Alan Harris
Asstistant Director for Academic Technology
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Keynote, initial
Keynote, corporate
Keynote, final
ABCs of the Transition to Bb 9.1
Building online comunity using collaborative tools in Bb 9.1
Focus Group: Grading
Getting faculty aboard the academic technoology train
Guide to creating an online Bb institute
Nine effective practices to support student success online
Problem-based learning
Seven best teaching practices in an hybrid environment
Successful Course development

General comments and ideas
Less useful sessions
Backwards design * Faculty Helping Faculty
Going Mobile * Electrify faculty