WP Honors College Welcomes Pioneering Class of Incoming Freshmen

For the second consecutive year, William Paterson University’s Honors College has a record number of freshmen joining its rank. This year’s class of 130 students, equaling the mark set in Fall 2019, eclipses the previous high of 112.

The Honors College, founded during the 2007-08 academic year, provides a forum for academically gifted students to explore new ideas. The small, interactive classes allow for individualized attention with myriad opportunities to collaborate with professors and likeminded peers.

Since her appointment as the first Dean of the Honors College in 2015, Barbara Andrew, former professor and chair of the philosophy department at WP, attributes increased freshman enrollment within the Honors College to initiatives implemented in recent years.

“We have a freshman class called Honors 101, which is in line with the University’s freshman seminar Will.Power.101, that is geared to the specific needs of the Honors student,” says Andrew. “We have also increased the number of seniors who present their final projects off-campus, which in turn increased the number of students who go to regional and national conferences. That has led to an uptick in Honors College enrollment.”

After choosing from one of the 11 Honors College tracks, which range from nursing to music, students are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.25 or above and be enrolled in a minimum of one Honors course per semester. There are also mandatory Honors Weeks events, and requirements place a strong emphasis on civic engagement through the development of and participation in campus and community activities.

With all of the success that the Honors College has enjoyed in recent years, Dr. Andrew credits the faculty for acting as mentors and providing the students with an enriched college experience.

“The Honors College is bigger and more diverse than it ever was before,” shares Andrew. “We are seeing great success in our graduation and retention rates, and I am so appreciative of the work the faculty has done to bring to the course offerings to the students.”

Given the significant growth the Honors College has enjoyed the past two years, the future is bright for its current and incoming students, and the William Paterson community looks forward to celebrating its future successes.