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"Social Media Psychosis: Black Mirror's "Nosedive" into Insanity." - 2/6

Date Submitted: 01/12/2018
Submitted By: Psychology / Dr. William Indick
Event Location: Atrium 144 - Auditorium
Start Date: 02/06/18 04:00 PM    End Date: 02/06/18 06:00 PM

"Social Media Psychosis: Black Mirror's 'Nosedive" into Insanity."
The 2nd colloquium in the "New Media: Interdisciplinary Reflections" series of colloquia, presenting lively interpretations and discussions of new media, across all academic disciplines.
To be held on Tuesday, February 6th, from 4 pm - 6 pm in the Atrium 144 auditorium.
All students, faculty, and members of the university community are welcome!

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