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Academic Success Center Online

Date Submitted: 10/22/2020
Submitted By: Academic Success Center / Krista-Kay Brimm
Event Location: Microsoft Teams
Start Date: 09/28/20 09:00 AM    End Date: 11/25/20 08:00 PM

Below you will find the steps to access online tutoring with the ASC

Electronic Tutoring Instructions:

1. Click on the web link below to access tutoring online with the Academic Success Center
2. Click use web app to sign in  
3. Sign in with your WPU email
4. Look for teams in the menu
5. Enter code 523iqar
6. You will now see ASC and click on it to access tutor channels
7. Find your tutor

see attachment

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For additional information contact us at STANFIELDT@wpunj.edu