Alumni Executive Council


The Alumni Executive Council supports the mission of the Alumni Association, which is to foster and develop the relationship between the University and its graduates. To encourage an environment that supports the University's commitment to promoting student success, academic excellence, diversity, and community outreach with opportunities for lifelong learning. And to provide alumni the opportunity to serve the University.

The Alumni Executive Council meets approximately 6 times per year, and members serve on a variety of committees, from the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee to the Scholarship Committee. Council members also actively participate in the philanthropic activities of the Alumni Association, and are Alumni Ambassadors, connecting students, faculty, local residents, businesses and friends to the Alumni Association.


Domenico DiMaio '97

Vice President
Michael Blizzard '07

Debbie Gantert '77

Recording Secretary
Mary Ann Cooper '70


Lauren Agnew '06
Jean Aires '64/MA '88
Paul Bonney '00
Pamela Brillante '88/M.Ed. '92
Kimberly Campigotto '89
Carlos O. Cano '09
Tony Cavotto '76/MBA '88
Daniel Comer '96
Andrew Faccone '89
Michele Garcia '15
Peter Grisafi '66/MA '69
Jack Guiliano '62/MA '66
Kevin Haden '04
Rola Hannoush '88
Alima Hawthorne '06
William Joosten '66/MA '69
Phil Martinelli '87
Chris McCollum '92
Jack Moran '61/MA '78
Dan O'Brien '08
Andrew Piester '96
Beverlee Schweighardt '59
James M. Van Wyck '06