WP Student Success Teams

Led by a Professional Advisor Matched to Each Student’s Needs

At William Paterson, we understand what students need to succeed and how to guide them to successful careers and lives. One hallmark of a William Paterson University education is our innovative and comprehensive system of student support focused on academics, career development, and campus life--all customized to meet each student’s individual needs.

Personalized Support for a Smooth Transition to College and Beyond

Starting college is a big adjustment. When first-year students enroll at William Paterson, they are each assigned to a Success Team of support experts, led by a dedicated professional academic advisor who is matched to each individual student.

Success Teams also include a financial aid advisor, faculty mentor, and a career counselor, among others. The professional advisor serves as the student’s main point of contact, coordinating the Success Team members and identifying the right people and resources to meet their needs.

A Team of Professionals in Each Student’s Corner

With the support of their professional advisor and backed by their Success Team, WP students benefit from:

  • An immediate connection to a central person who will check in and reach out with important reminders and action steps to help them adjust to college life
  • Advice in balancing academics with work and family responsibilities
  • A consistent place to turn for support and guidance in accessing University resources and services
  • Personalized guidance right from the start of college through academic and personal challenges, campus life, and future plans for career and/or graduate school.

The Navigate App: Success Team Access Right at a Student’s Fingertips

To ensure students have easy access to their Success Teams, they can connect with their professional advisor and other team members using the Navigate app on their phone (or computer desktop), providing the ability to quickly schedule in-person or virtual appointments with their advisor and other team members or to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Will. Power. 101

First-year students are also enrolled in Will. Power. 101, our successful first-year experience program launched in 2019 and taught by their professional advisor. This multifaceted program of structured academic and student support services is designed to guide new students in building the skills to balance their coursework with enrichment activities. New students also take multiple classes with the same group of students, helping them build social connections with classmates as well as peer mentors right from the start of their time at WP.