ARC Portal Log In

As of Fall 2021, students were able to request their accommodations letters through ARC Portal. The Accessibility Resource Center has officially launched the Alternative Testing portion of ARC Portal. 

Altogether ARC Portal can assist students with the following:

  • Request, manage, and customize their accommodation letters for each course.
  • Submit a Alternative Testing Center Request in order to reserve a spot in the Accessibility Resource Center's Testing Center.
    • Upload any documents the Accessibility Resource Center may be asking you to submit.
    • Fill out the Agreement with Instructors for specific accommodations such as Extension on Assignments, Attendance Accommodations, and/or Audio Recording of Class Lecture. 

    For any testing-related questions or if students members would like to walk through the ARC Portal process with a staff member from ARC, please contact the Accessibility Resource Center, 973-720-2853, or