Assignment Accommodation

Please click the link for our Assignment Accommodation Policy

Students’ Responsibilities:  

  • Student will request their accommodation letter(s) as soon as possible for each class in which they are needed.  
  • Student will initiate the process of contacting their professor(s) to go over the details of the extension of assignment accommodation. This could be done in-person, virtually, or through email.   
  • Student will fill out the form found on ARC Portal after they have met with their professor(s) [Please see: How to Complete the Assignment Accommodation Form in ARC Portal]  

Faculty Responsibilities:  

  • Faculty should be available when a student contacts them about their accommodation.  Faculty should determine if an extension is possible or if it will be necessary to first consult with ARC.   
  • When discussing alternative deadlines, faculty should be clear with their expectations of how the extension of the assignment will be handled. [Please see: Questions to discuss with Professors before completing the Assignment Agreement in ARC Portal, if you would like to see the agreement ahead of time]
  • If faculty believes extending assignment due dates is bending the academic standard, the faculty member should request a consultation with ARC.   

ARC Responsibilities:  

  • Through an interactive process with the student and support of documentation, ARC will determine if the assignment accommodation extension is granted.   
  • The granted accommodation will be added to the accommodation by ARC, which will be sent out to faculty members. Please note: Accommodations are an on-going process so additions to an accommodation letter can be sent out throughout a semester.   
  • ARC will assist if the student or faculty member have any questions or concerns regarding the process.