Student Success Services

Your academic success is very important to us, so we strongly encourage you to utilize all of the resources available to you.

Academic Tips for Success

  • Practice Good Time Management - Make a schedule for homework and studying, and stick to it. Try to plan for a few hours per class - per week, and keep it consistent. Using a physical or electronic planner will make this simple and easy!
  • Set Time for Your Asynchronous Course(s) – It can be easy to forget everything you have to do for an asynchronous course since there are no scheduled class meetings. Therefore, set aside two hours a week (for example Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-3pm) to review/learn/study course materials, which you would have with a face-to-face class. 
  • Hold Yourself Accountable - It can be challenging to stay on task when most of your learning is done independently. Establish daily, weekly, and monthly goals for yourself – what you need to accomplish for each of your courses to be successful.
  • Create a Workspace - Try to get the bulk of your classwork, homework, and studying done in one central location. This could be at a desk or in a room with limited distractions. Doing this will create a routine and it will help you focus on your tasks. 
  • Actively Participate - If you have courses that have optional class meetings virtually, take the time to attend them, and get to know your professors and fellow classmates. Use video features in Zoom, MS Teams, and Blackboard Collaborate when speaking to fellow classmates and to your professors. Participating in discussions will help you retain information and stay engaged!
  • Monitor Your WP Email and Blackboard Frequently *VERY IMPORTANT* Check your WP email and Blackboard accounts daily in order to stay on top of assignments, due dates, and important announcements. 
  • Ask for Help – Remember you have a support system at WP. Your academic advisor and professors are here to answer questions and serve as a resource through-out your tenure at WP. 

Resources - Success Center - Tutoring Links

  • Tutor.Com (tutoring services are free for students and accessible through the link on the main Blackboard page)