Rules to Guide You

There are 9 basic rules to follow when preparing budgets

1. Know what expenses the funder is willing to pay.

2. Know what expenses the funder is not willing to pay.

3.Know what expenses you will need to successfully complete your project.

4. Know how much the funder is willing to pay: maximum award, average award and range (smallest/largest) of awards that they expect to make.

5.Know how much WPUNJ is willing to spend to support your project and what expenses will be hard (or direct cash) or soft (indirect cash or in-kind) contributions.

6. Know that you will probably need to make adjustments to your project because of budget limitations.

7. Every person, activity or new resource mentioned in the narrative must be included in the budget.

8. Every expense included in the budget must be mentioned in the narrative.

9. If the funder provides forms they must be used, and if the funder stipulates that it requires certain information or that information must be presented a certain way, you must do it that way