Project Income

There are times when you will need to charge participants a fee, this may be for the cost of a portion of the program that the funder will not pay for (such as a lunch during a conference), or for use of a clinic, or for some other purpose. Also, the project you are undertaking may result in something that you will be able to sell later. These sources of income--depending on whether or not they occur during the grant period, may need to be accounted for in the budget. Only a careful reading to the grant program guidelines, and perhaps a conversation with the grant program officer, will tell you how to handle this in your narrative and budget.

When you are constructing your budget be sure to identify both the expense and the income that offsets the expenses in the format that the funder wants it.

Example: Program Income

Item Description Expense Total
Personnel Expenses Salaries and honoraria $15,000 $15,000
Direct Project Expenses Most costs associated with the event $25,000
  Lunch, 100 people @$35 $3,500 $28,500
Total Project Expenses     $43,500
Project Income Lunch, 100 people @$35 -$3,500 -$3,500
Net Project Cost and Amount Requested     $40,000