Hidden Costs

Often these are associated with a project that are not immediately apparent, especially if you are proposing a new activity or service that you have not done before. It is important to seek advice from others during the process of developing a project and a proposal, and this is especially the case in identifying the hidden costs. There is expertise in many areas at WPUNJ, there are insights that you can gain from speaking to the funding program's director or from reading the guidelines, and from colleagues and friends. Some of the more commonly missed hidden costs are:

  • Tables, chairs, wires, cables, memory or cards and specialized software, and special peripherals needed for establishing a computer lab.
  • Basic renovation expenses (such as painting and carpet) or more extensive renovation expenses (new walls, false floors) for new labs or offices.
  • Insurance for taking students off-campus or providing public performances
  • Security of maintenance expenses for using WPUNJ facilities for special, evening, or weekend programs
  • Temporary and/or permanent signage
  • Tuition for graduate students in addition to wages when working during the academic year.