04/20/17 03:00 PM - 04/21/17 10:00 AM
NJvid University Collections

NJvid video content in the restricted University collections is not currently available, resolution is expected tomorrow (4/21/17) morning.

04/06/17 10:30 AM - 04/06/17 11:00 AM
Philo TV Services Unavailable

Philo TV services are currently unavailable.  We will update as soon as possible.

03/30/17 10:00 AM - 03/30/17 03:00 PM
Self Service Software Installation Unavailable

Self service software installation, using Software Center, for on campus PCs is presently unavailable.  This service is down for maintenance and expected to be restored shortly.

03/21/17 06:30 PM - 03/21/17 09:00 PM
Blackboard performance issues

Blackboard is currently experiencing intermittent performance issues (starting around 6:15 pm) on Tuesday March 21. IT staff are currently investigating and should have the issue resolved shortly.

Thank you for your patience.
Information Technology

03/21/17 08:00 AM - 03/21/17 08:15 AM
Web Print Services Not Functioning

Web printing (Uniprint/Pharos) services at are currently not operational. We are working to restore service as soon as possible.