Windows XP

  1. Service Pack 3 must be installed in order to connect to a 802.1x enabled network.  Please make sure your Windows XP installation has Service Pack 3 Installed.
  2. Right Click your Wireless Icon
  3. Click on View Wireless Networks
  4. Click on Change Advanced Settings in the lower left hand corner

  1. Click on the Wireless Networks
  2. If WP Wireless Exists, highlight it and click Properties
  3. IF WP Wireless does not exist, click on Add

  1. Association Tab

Network Name (SSID): WP Wireless
Network Authentication: WPA2
Data encryption: AES

  1. Click on Authentication Tab
  2. Select Protected EAP (PEAP) as EAP Type
  3. Click on Properties

  1. Make sure Check box for Validate server certificate is checked
  2. Make sure check box for Connect to these servers is checked
  3. Connect to the following servers EXACTLY as specified:,
  4. For Select Authentication Method choose Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
  5. Click Configure to the right and Disable (Uncheck) option to automatically use Windows logon name and password


  1. Click OK for EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties
  2. Click OK for Protected EAP Properties
  3. Click OK for WP Wireless Properties
  4. Connect to WP Wireless Network
  5. Click on the Wireless Balloon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen


  1. Enter your WP Connect Username and Password
  2. Click on the Wireless Balloon that will appear again in the bottom right of the screen

  1. Accept the Certificate when prompted

  1. You may have to enter your credentials again.  You should now be connected to the WP Wireless Network.  Please contact the Help Desk (x4357) if you are unable to connect to the network.