Employee Information

Refuse Collection is performed by Custodial Services. Every campus office has refuse collected at least once per day. Each office is provided with a large, unlined "Mixed Paper" can with a smaller, "Buddy Can" for trash. Paper is the largest component generated by offices, therefore its container is larger, and a liner is not necessary, since paper should be clean when put in. The smaller can is for trash items, such as food, wrappers, or any items that are not recyclable at this time.

Collection procedures differ between departmental offices and individual faculty offices. Faculty are required to put their can unit outside their door for daily collection. Departmental collections are made daily during either day or evening hours to coincide with departmental usage.

The procedure for disposal of cardboard boxes is uniform for faculty and staff. Cardboard boxes are to be flattened by the individual. The flattened box is to be placed next to or behind recycling containers provided in the hallways. The University reuses packing peanuts. Please leave them in a cardboard box near the hallway recycling bins for pickup.