Assessment Overview Grid: Residence Life

Common Student Learning Goal Addressed
University document to which Learning Goal is tied
Student Learning Objective
Program or Activity targeted
Expected Outcome
Instrument Utilized
Actual Outcome, using metrics
Conclusions, Next Steps
The Department of Residence Life will provide students with opportunities to develop effective communication skills, meaningful interpersonal relationships and collaborate with fellow WPUNJ students. Department of Residence Life Mission Statement RAs will develop conflict mediation/resolution skills.

RA Fall Training.

By the end of Fall training, RAs will be able to demonstrate effective communication, listening and mediation skills.

By the end of Fall Training RAs will be able to identify campus resources related to conflict mediation/resolution.
Pre test, post test, and Conflict Behavior Survey are attached.

By the end of fall training, the number of RAs able to identify at least 3 campus resources increased from 2 to 6 staff members.. A total of 18 new staff were given the pre and then the post tests. On our pretest, the average rating for “I felt prepared to mediate any type of conflict that may arise on my floor” was 3. 06, this same statement on the post test was rated 3.321 showing that the RAs felt more prepared after the training program. Also there was an increase in the RAs comfort level with the idea of mediation (3.15 pretest vs.3.85 on the post test).

In conclusion, I believe that we met our objective through the training program. The RAs reported to us that they felt more comfortable with the idea of handling conflict, felt more prepared to handle conflict, and more were able to identify campus resources to assist with conflict mediation. Our next steps include continuing to train the staff and to incorporate more detailed information about conflict resolution style and campus resources.

The Department of Residence Life’s second expected learning outcome was to have a select group of first year students participate in a Multicultural Competency Workshop. This is to be administered by professional staff and a select group of trained Resident Assistants.

The Professional staff and Resident Assistant Staff have been training to facilitate the workshop and the survey has been developed. A cross section of freshmen will be selected for this workshop.

At the advice of the assessment Committee this learning outcome was postponed until fall 2008 semester for completion so that a significant cross section of freshmen can be chosen to participate in the Multicultural Competency Workshop.

Learning outcomes and conclusions will follow at that time.