Assessment Overview Grid: Career Development and Advisement Center

Common Student Learning Goal Addressed
University document to which Learning Goal is tied
Student Learning Objective
Program or Activity targeted
Expected Outcome
Instrument Utilized
Actual Outcome, using metrics
Conclusions, Next Steps

To help facilitate student’s personal and professional development as related to careers and job searching.

Career Development and Advisement Center Mission Statement

For students to learn important skills and concepts for obtaining a job by attending the Job Fair

Job Fair

Students will be able to learn how to obtain career related information, dress in professional attire, engage in proper communication and job fair etiquette by observing and practicing at the job fair.

Questionnaire and open ended questions to determine what was learned during the course of the job fair.


Most students checked that they learned about the company, jobs, and recruiter contact information. Professional attire, communication skills, and introduction ability was the least identified as being learned at the fair.

Many students made insightful comments and showed that they learned many things however work needs to be done on the assessment tools to determine the level of learning vs. if students are learning or not. Once we adjust the tool we will be able to determine future steps. When reviewing the results, we found that some questions had confused the students. We will edit the questions to make them clearer. We also saw that some of the questions received very broad answers so we feel that the open-ended questions need better instructions in order to extract more pointed answers.

Encourage, challenge and support students to become responsible decision makers. Career Development and Advisement Center Mission Statement. First Year Seminar students will understand WPUNJ’s academic curriculum as it relates to general education curriculum.

First year Seminar


Increased knowledge of appropriate general education classes. And increased ability to apply information to their intended course of study.


Conducted a pre- and post-test assessment.


Although our goal was to assess a group of 250 students, only 52 students were assessed. We found this to be an insufficient sample. In four of the eight questions on the pre- and –post test there was either a decrease in the percentage of correct answers or no substantial change in the percentage ofcorrect answers by students.

We will repeat the assessment during the Fall semester 2008 with a sample group of approximately 250 students. We will review and revise the eight question pre- and post-tests.