Assessment Overview Grid: Admissions

Common Student Learning Goal Addressed
University document to which Learning Goal is tied
Student Learning Objective
Program or Activity targeted
Expected Outcome
Instrument Utilized
Actual Outcome, using metrics
Conclusions, Next Steps
Students will be ready for post-graduate educational and occupational opportunities. Tour guide training manual distributed to all new and returning student ambassadors at the student ambassador retreats. Student Ambassadors will be able to effectively communicate both verbally and non-verbally to prospective parents and students.

Daily Campus Tours.

Special Event Presentations

Complete retreat.

To score an average of 70% or higher on the rubric.

To take on leadership roles on campus tours.

Oral Communication Rubric

End of year self assessment.

Assessment team feedback.
80% of SA’s scored an average of 70% or higher on the rubric

Utilize Assessment results for planning the retreat for September.

Continue what we did in the Spring and use it as a benchmark.

Students coming back will not receive initial assessment but they will be assessed on their tours.

Coordinate Fall and Spring SA assessment dates:

1 st-SA retreat in September

2 nd-Tour in October

3 rd-Final/Self assessment in November


1 st-SA retreat in February

2 nd-Tour in March

3 rd-Final/Self assessment in April

Involve other staff members to conduct assessment of student ambassadors.