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Food for Thought presents Cooking with the Stars: Charity and the Celebrity Cookbook - 10/17

Date Submitted: 09/07/2017
Submitted By: Unv Perf Arts / University Performing Arts
Event Location: Cheng Library Auditorium
Start Date: 10/17/17 12:30 PM    End Date: 10/17/17 02:00 PM

When fans purchase a celebrity charity cookbook what do they buy into?  What relationship between beloved stars and their fans do these cookbooks create? During the past century, the proliferation of charitable cookbooks that offer celebrities’ favorite recipes show the theme’s enduring popularity with readers. This talk, by Michigan State Professor Ann Folino White, explores the marketable combination of gustatory taste and theatrical stars to provide answers to these questions.

“Actor-folk are delighted to have you know what they like to eat and how they cook it.” -Mabel Rowland, foreword to Celebrated Actor Folks’ Cookeries, 1916

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