About TAC


The mission of Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) is to promote the innovative use of technology and technological resources with the potential to facilitate student success, educational excellence, and community outreach. TAC's diverse group, represented by faculty, students, information systems, librarians, and administrators, encourages collaborative teaching and professional development for online and distance learning. TAC supports stakeholders' innovative efforts to integrate technologies with pedagogy and curriculum for the purpose of teaching excellence and dynamic research.

Goals & Objectives

  • Disseminate technology-related information for teaching, learning, and research to the university and public community.
  • Provide technological forums that provide training, collaboration, and support for members of the university community.
  • Recognize and showcase members of the university community who use technology creatively in teaching, learning, and/or research.
  • Support the acknowledgement of exemplary teaching and scholarship with technology during faculty and staff reviews..
  • Participate in regional and national technology conferences.