Get Connected

Notice: We are happy to announce that this summer (2013) we completed the 10Gbits upgraded to the residence halls wireless and wired network infrastructure. In addition to the existing in-room full secure wireless access coverage (A,B,G,N), we have added a new IP broadcast TV service (IPTV) streaming 48 TV channels and available to all residence students.

FIRST-TIME STUDENTS: All first-time residence hall students are required to comply with the University's IT Appropriate Use Policy and the Network Access Policy.

RETURNING STUDENTS: If you are a returning student no action is necessary on your part. Just plug your computer into a data port in your room.

RESNET SUPPORT: All support for the ResNet is available through the ResNet office.
On-line support is available through the menu links available under the "Get Connected" section of the ResNet main web page. Trouble tickets are now processed through the new University Help Desk System .

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