Weekly Topics


This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the six topics covered over six weeks as listed below:

  1. High Impact Prospecting
  2. Meet and Greet – Opening the Sales Call
  3. The Discovery Process – Questioning and Listening
  4. Relating and Reinforcing Benefits – It’s all about value
  5. Handling and Overcoming Objections
  6. Closing the Sales – Hearing yes more often

Note: Each weekly session meets for three hours.

Week 1: High Impact Prospecting

This course focuses on the essential components of high-impact prospecting. You will learn how to wisely utilize a wide range of techniques to find qualified leads including cold calling, direct mail, networking/social networking, and Internet lead generators

Week 2: Meet and Greet - Opening the Sales Call

There’s an old saying – you only have one chance to make a first impression! This workshop focuses on the key elements of meeting and greeting prospective clients for the first time including – call preparation, rapport building, creating trust and building a level comfort that so as to make a smooth transition into the sales call!

Week 3: The Discovery Process – Questioning and Listening Skills

You can’t effectively sell someone something unless you understand their needs. Many buyers don’t communicate their true needs effectively. It’s through skillful questioning and listening techniques that we uncover the decision-maker’s true needs.

Relating and Reinforcing Benefits –

Week 4: It’s all about Value

People don’t buy “things”, they buy what those “things” do for them or their organization. When the benefits of what you are selling are expressed in just the right ways, you increase your ability to close the sale. In this course you will learn the difference between features and benefits, how to relate these benefits to the prospect’s needs, when and how to use proof and visuals and how to equate all of this to value.

Week 5: Handling and Overcoming Objections

Objections are Your Friend. An objection is when your prospect tells you why what you’re offering is not what they want. Well, believe it or not, these objections help you locate where the prospect is in the decision making process and guide you in the appropriate selling skill to use. Understanding exactly how to respond effectively to your prospects objections will set you apart from your competition and set you up for a successful close.

Week 6: Closing the Sale – Hearing “Yes” More Often

When you have worked all the pieces of your sales approach properly, you will come to that magic moment when you should go ahead and “ask for the order.” This sounds simple enough, but there are obstacles in your way, and they are not all from the prospect. In this final course of the certificate program, you will learn how to know when closing is appropriate, gain strategies to overcome close reluctance, learn four steps to get the close and much more.