Program Overview


Program Highlights

  • Builds selling skills required to create and maintain long-term business relationships for all professionals
  • Highly interactive, provides opportunities to apply program skills in all professions such as finance, accounting, law, public service etc.
  • Provides proven
  1. techniques to be a successful professional in today’s competitive market place that is driven by networking and mastering the art of persuasion
  2. applications that stimulate interest and support the rapport building process
  3. processes that assist in utilizing a “Need Based” dialogue to accurately discover a client’s or any other constituent ’s full range of needs
  4. Problem-solving approach applicable to all prospect and client interactions (we take the perspective that all professionals including HR, finance, accounting, legal etc. have clients!)
  5. effective objective handling techniques
  6. methods to utilize the sales process and to achieve your professional goals

Who should attend?
  • This program is meant for all non-sales professionals in varied disciplines (e.g. accountants, legal professionals, financial service professionals, small business owners, customer service, front-office executives in professional offices etc.)
  • This program is also suitable for bank tellers, real estate brokers, insurance agents and other service professionals including retail professionals in service environment