Leadership Forum

Conflict Resolution: Responsibilities of Consumers and Businesses in the Marketplace


Melissa Companick

President & CEO, Better Business Bureau Serving New Jersey

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
1600 Valley Road Auditorium (V1012)

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Companick 0007 FINAL DKR medresOne of the primary missions of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is to help consumers and businesses resolve disputes that inevitably arise in today’s complex business environment.  Melissa Companick, president and CEO, Better Business Bureau Serving New Jersey, spoke about the mission and history of the BBB, including its 50 years in New Jersey.  She discussed how the BBB addresses both consumer and business responsibilities in the market place.

Companick worked in the for-profit sector for eight years (Samsung and Linens ‘n Things) prior to joining the BBB as associate director twelve years ago. She was originally responsible for public relations throughout New Jersey and ultimately was promoted to acting president when the former president retired in 2007. Companick was appointed president of the BBB Serving New Jersey in 2008 where she has since served happily at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. She oversees a small but mighty team of 20 who, in 2015 processed over 50,000 complaints (#5 in North America); settled 114 arbitrations; challenged 221 misleading advertisements; closed 123 investigations; and accredited 1,005 businesses in New Jersey.

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