How to find, sort and filter your students

Students will be connected to staff and advisors in three primary ways:

  • Professional and faculty advisors will have a advisee listing as one of their student groups
  • Students who are part of a campus wide program such as EOF, Athletics, or Veteran's Affairs will also be grouped and viewable as a group by the appropriate staff for that program
  • Staff serving as an Academic Coach through the PAS program or for students not attached to other campus wide programs will be able to see their students as a group through their Academic Success Coach role

    What if I have more than one group of students?

    Staff with more than one role, or more than one group of students, can toggle between them within their student tab. You can do this by selecting a specific role - under the Connection filter, by choosing a different cohort, or by filtering based on attribute when looking at your main student listing

To do this: choose whether you want to see all of your students or just those with tracking items by clicking on the appropriate tab:

choose students or tracking

Then look for the Connection filter:

Connection and filter photo

Click on the Connection down arrow to see your multiple roles, then highlight and select one:

Connection photo 2

How can I filter students to target outreach?

  • When viewing your master student listing you can add one or more filters - look on the top left of the listing for the Add Filters button. You can opt to filter based on tracking items (flags) - this will allow you to focus on outreach around particular concerns

Choose the Tracking tab first:

choose students or tracking

Then click on Add Filters:

add filter first photo

This opens a window with options for filtering based on tracking:

filter photo two

Click on the Tracking Type down arrow to specify type of item you're interested in:

filter photo six

You can further limit based on flag name, timing, course etc. by choosing those options.

You can also filter students based on an Attribute they share; when you click the Add Filters button, click on Attributes on the left side

attribute filter one

Click Add Attribute; this opens a window where you can choose what attribute to filter based on.

filter photo three

Click the Attribute down arrow and select an attribute you want to focus on. Once you select one, you can click Add Attribute on the top to further limit your group.

filter photo four