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PIVOT Discontinued
Effective September 1, 2017, the COS PIVOT service was discontinued.  In lieu of PIVOT, you can utilize the GrantSearch database, a product of the Grants Resource Center (GRC), to search for and obtain information on funding opportunities.  For more information and instructions on accessing GrantSearch, please visit OSP’s Funding Opportunities page at

OSP Newsletter: The Star Report

Fall 2017 

Congratulations to all FY2017 Award Recipients!  This issue of The Star Report includes awards and highlights from FY17, an article about Amplifying Impact of projects, and a step by step guide to setting up Funding Alerts in the GrantSearch database. 

 STAR Report Fall 2017 Cover

 IRB Updates:

New IRB Protocol Form for Undergraduate and Master's Degree Students!  New Form must be used starting February 15, 2016.

Memorandum to faculty and research supervisors

New Undergraduate and Master's Degree Protocol Form (Appendix C) (MS Word)

New Guidance on the Safe Storage and Management of Research Data



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Recently Submitted Proposals

Marquita Smith, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, submitted, NEH Summer Stipend/Through the Glass; Intimacy, Care, and Carcerality in African American Narratives, to the National Endowment for the Humanities, with a total request of $6,000.

Recently Submitted Proposals

Yalan Xing, College of Science and Health, submitted, "CAREER: Direct Difunctionalization of Alkenes and Alkynes via Visible-light-induced Csp3-H Activation", to the NSF, with a total request of $454,338.

Recently Submitted Proposals

Meredith Drew, College of Education, submitted, Enhancing the applicability of an evidence-based intervention to reduce social anxiety and improve educational outcomes in Black and Latino high school students, to the United States Department of Education through a subaward from the Nathan Kline Institute, with a total request of $41,798.

Recently Submitted Proposals

Lance Risley, College of Science and Health, submitted, Conduct Post White Nose Syndrome Follow-up Study of Morristown Park's Bat Population, to the National Park Service, with a total request of $13,000.

Recently Submitted Proposals

Kristen Evangelista, University Galleries, submitted, Celebrating the Legacy of Ben Shahn, to the National Endowment for the Arts, with a total request of $39,556.

Recently Submitted Proposals

Glen Sherman, Sherrine Schuldt, and William Kernan, Student Development/Public Health, submitted, Strategic Prevention Framework Partnership for Success, to the NJ Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, with a total request of $96,288.

Course for Students: 
Human Subject Research

CITI Program Course Flyer

The William Paterson University Institutional Review Board, supported by the CITI Program, is now offering a course specifically designed to introduce students to the use of human subjects in research.  The course is appropriate for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree students.  Information on how faculty might use this to support their courses and how students would register and complete it are on the IRB web page.