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William Paterson University Congratulates its College of Education Alumni and Student Teachers Who Have Been Recognized as Outstanding Educators

Each year, school districts around the state honor teachers who display outstanding teaching skills in the classroom. This year, thirty-eight alumni from William Paterson University’s College of Education, each the product of the University’s quality teacher preparation program, have been recognized by their own school districts as outstanding teachers for their dedication to their students and creativity in the classroom for the 2012-13 school year. Additionally, thirty-two College of Education students have been named distinguished student teachers by the College.

Distinguished Educators:

Kathryn Barta,
Prospect School No.1, Prospect Park

Melissa Bensh, School No. 7, Paterson

Christina Bonicioli, Haledon Public School, Haledon

Regina Callegari, School No. 3, Paterson

JulieAnn Cangialosi, Marshall Hill Elementary School, West Milford

Mariu Comer, School No. 24, Paterson

Thomas Deemey, Passaic Valley Regional High School, Passaic Valley Region

Liliana Dougherty, School No. 5, Paterson

Mary Duffy, Marshall Hill Elementary School, West Milford

David DuPiche, School of Education and Training, Paterson

Kerry Geronimo, Clifton High School, Clifton

Fred Giordano, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Clifton

Eric Glatz, School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Paterson

Sharon Gurecki, School No. 18, Paterson

Dennis Harding, Clifton High School, Clifton

Mary Horst, Haskell Elementary School, Wanaque

Donna Iannelli, Great Falls Academy, Paterson

Antoinette Jacobs, School No. 16, Clifton

Barbara Kettell, Washington Elementary School, Hawthorne

Kristin Kovatch, North Ward Center’s Child Development Center, Newark

Beverly Lape, Dr. Frank Napier School of Technology, Paterson

Gizele Locke, School No. 13, Paterson

Tai Matthews, Paterson Academy for Gifted and Talented, Paterson

Noreen Murphy, Community Charter School of Paterson, Paterson

Jueine Pallotta, Roosevelt Elementary School, Hawthorne

Marlo Ramowski, Apshawa Elementary School, West Milford

Linda Rando, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Education Complex, Paterson

Robin Russo, Charles Olbon School, Woodland Park

Judith Arlene Russo, High Mountain School, North Haledon

Krishana Scott, School of Science and Technology, Paterson

Lorraine Shouldis, School No. 8, Clifton

Kristina Stipelkovich, Memorial School, North Haledon

Akmed Taylor-Kamara, School No. 25, Paterson

Nicole Turi, Clifton High School Annex, Clifton

Nathan Webb, New Roberto Clemente School, Paterson

Simone Welcome, Rosa Parks School of Fine Arts, Paterson

Michelle Woyshner, Delran Intermediate School, Delran

Kelinda Young, School of Government and Public Administration, Paterson


Distinguished Student Teachers

Early Childhood Education

Jeanette N. Balise

Natalia A. Drelich

Ashley Mathew


Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Amanda L. Faul

Natalie M. Minichini

Francis L. Socorro

Jennifer N. Telfer


Elementary Education

Cathryn Fantozzi


Elementary & Middle School Education

Reischell H. Castillo (English)

Carissa Centrelli (Social Studies)

Lisa M. Cocola (Social Studies)

Michele A. Direnzo (Mathematics)

Kearsley E. Troll (English)

Hendi T. Wilkerson (English)


Elementary  Education  & Teacher of Student with Disabilities 

Krista  Averill

Gary Dedoussis

Tiffany Herbert

Jennifer R. Lehr

Kelly M. Nuzzo

Sarah J. Orefice (Science)


Secondary Education

Ashley Barr ( English)

Kristina M. Bickford (Earth Science)

Kyra Burdick (Mathematics)

Veronica Cadavid (Biology)

Amanda J. Dooley (Social Studies )

Lauren Giuliano (Social Studies)

Lynley H. Grezlak (Social Studies)

Christian A. Hyra (Mathematics)

Erin L. Sterbinsky (English)

Latoya Watt (Mathematics)

Melissa  L. Zolla (Biology)


Nursing  (K-12)

Janine Citer