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President Waldron Urges Support for Capital Bond Referendum for Construction of Higher Education Facilities

Bond referendum will support much-needed construction and renovation projects on college campuses, including William Paterson.

With Election Day just a few weeks away, President Kathleen Waldron is urging members of the University community to support the $750 million capital bond referendum for the construction and renovation of facilities at New Jersey colleges and universities.

“We have an opportunity to support the future of higher education in our state in a powerful way through passage of the bond referendum,” she says.  “New Jersey is one of only a few states in the nation without support for capital construction projects.  If the referendum is approved, it would mark the first time since 1988 that the state would provide general obligation bonds to support much-needed construction and renovation projects on our college campuses, including William Paterson.”

If the bond referendum is approved, the University is prepared to move forward with several shovel-ready projects; most critical is a new academic building with modern classrooms and science laboratories for programs that help meet the state’s strategic needs.  “The new building would house programs in nursing and public health, among others, and provide classroom space for thousands of students,” Waldron adds. “Approval of the referendum will enhance our ability to educate students in the facilities they deserve.”

A statewide campaign, including colleges, universities, major trade unions, and business organizations, is underway to build support for the referendum.  For more details about the referendum, visit