Job Descriptions

Generic job specifications provide a general overview of the scope and responsibilities of positions aligned with specific State job titles.  

Functional job descriptions include a concise statement of the general responsibilities of the job; a list of the essential job functions and duties containing specific statements on the major tasks, duties and responsibilities of the job;  and the minimum qualifications required to perform the job, including experience and education requirements, as well as specific knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job satisfactorily.               

Please use this template to develop job descriptions currently not available in our database or to update existing position descriptions.  When drafting a new job description, please consider the following: 

  1. Identify between 8-12 major responsibilities for the position.  Include major activities, but not specific details (not how it will get done)
  2. Statements should begin with an action verb in present tense (i.e. develops, creates, oversees, manages)
  3. Include minimum experiential and educational requirements
  4. Include specific knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job successfully (i.e. knowledge of financial aid regulations, communication skills, etc.)
  5. List additional desired qualifications including, but not limited to, professional designations or certifications.
  6. Submit completed draft to the Director of Human Resources for review and analysis.


  •  Classified Job Descriptions

    The State of New Jersey job titles and job descriptions can be located at the link below. Note that these descriptions are generic in nature as they may be used by state and local government entities. Job descriptions found on this site which are specific to Local Government may not be used by the University. Contact Human Resources for guidance with creating specific job descriptions.

    Civil Service Commission - Job Descriptions