Department of Philosophy

The WPUNJ  Philosophy Department offers a major program leading to a bachelor of arts degree in Philosophy, as well as a minor in Philosophy. It offers a rich variety of traditional courses in Ancient Greek, medieval, modern, nineteenth and twentieth century philosophy, along with specific courses in philosophical areas such as logic, ethics, political and social philosophy, philosophy of mind, theory of knowledge, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion, philosophy of art, existentialism, phenomenology, metaphysics, as well as Eastern philosophy and religion. Many of these courses are chosen by non-majors as part of their liberal studies, general education requirements, or free electives.Collage by Pete Mandik, copyright 2003

All WPUNJ philosophy graduates seeking entrance to graduate school have been accepted; more WPUNJ philosophy majors have received full scholarships in Ph.D. programs (with full graduate research and teaching assistantships) at major research universities than have students from any other institution in the New Jersey system.

Philosophy majors have the highest overall mean score of all majors, nationwide, on the Graduate Record Exam, LawSchool Adm. Test and Graduate Management Adm. Test., which is one reason why many employers, including corporations, have of late been seeking out philosophy majors for successful careers in business, government, journalism, law, medicine, and the arts.

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