Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Major

The Liberal Studies Major combines interdisciplinary training in the arts, humanities and social sciences, allowing students to design a flexible yet rigorous program.  The Liberal Studies major is ideal for those who seek a broad-based education and for pre-service teachers seeking certification in P-3, K-5, and 5-8 education.

Liberal Studies (LBST) Major Requirements

  • Students must declare two (2) tracks.
  • Students must take nine (9) credits of core requirements.


All Liberal Studies majors must declare two tracks when signing up for the major. A track is like a minor.  In fact, you can choose any minor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences as one of your tracks.   

Core Requirements

  • LBST 2010 - The Liberal Studies Colloquium
  • LBST 4800 - The Liberal Studies Senior Capstone
  • Three (3) credits of Experiential Learning, which can be satisfied by LBST 2500, LBST 4980, by an internship, or by student teaching if you are a double-major with education as your other major.

Current LBST Tracks

Most tracks have the same requirements as the minor. The following tracks are included in Liberal Studies:

What can you do with a degree in Liberal Studies?

A Liberal Studies degree opens a wide range of careers. In today's information-driven economy, you will need critical thinking skills for continuous learning on the job. Many employers prefer versatile, interdisciplinary thinkers with broad knowledge about the world over narrow specialists with expertise in a single discipline.The Liberal Studies Program gives you a strong background in two or more academic disciplines, and trains you to think critically about the practical and intellectual connections between them. Our internship program challenges you to apply what you are learning to your professional future, or to do a research project in collaboration with our faculty. Our senior capstone experience helps you contextualize your learning and prepares for your next step after college.  A degree in Liberal Studies trains you to understand complex information, and to communicate it to diverse audiences with different perspectives. It gives you the skills needed to identify the information you need to make good decisions in a fluid and ever-changing world. Below is a list of some careers you might pursue after completing a degree in Liberal Studies:
  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Human Resources
  • Technical Writing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Social Work
  • Community organizing
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Sales
  • Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • Library Management
  • Government work
  • Communications
  • Non-Profit organizations