Join us in investigating the past. History classes at William Paterson University make historical human experiences come to life. We encourage our students to explore and interpret evidence for themselves. As our student, you will examine and solve problems, apply technology to research and present new ideas, think creatively and flexibly, evaluate and make sound judgements, and communicate effectively in writing, speaking, and new media. Our coursework emphasizes students' global and transnational breadth and understanding.globe_history

Historical studies offer a practical major or minor for students aspiring to careers in business, industry, finance, law, education, politics and government. History is not only the foundation of liberal education; it examines human experience in all its dimensions. The study of history helps us to understand our own age and culture by acquainting us with the human condition in other times and places. By demanding that we seek causes, determine motivations, make comparisons, and draw conclusions, the study of history sharpens analytical and critical thinking skills. It enhances our role as citizens providing an understanding of the complexity of our world, and the problems and possibilities of the present and future. Our history students are tomorrow's leaders, thinkers, communicators, and innovators.

We boast one of the largest, most distinguished, and diverse history faculties in the New York metropolitan region, with 18 full-time members whose collective expertise represent a global outlook. Our Department prides itself on the caliber of its teaching. Emphasizing breadth of study and comparative inquiry as well as more specialized research, the Department of History provides strong support and unique opportunities for both undergraduates and graduate students.

Prof. Joanne Miyang Cho, Department Chair                                                                  Office: Atrium 215                                              Email: choj@wpunj.edu

Prof. Lucia McMahon,  Assistant Chair                                                                            Office: Atrium 213                                              Email: mcmahonlu@wpunj.edu                  

Malissa Williams, Secretary                                                            History Department Office: Atrium 217                                            Phone: 973-720-2319; Fax 973-720-3079; Email: williamsma@wpunj.edu