The Center for New Art

A Center for innovation in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences

Mission Statement

The Center for New Art is a regional center for the investigation of art, science, and technology in the fine and applied arts and humanities. Its a resource for students, faculty, colleagues in the university, professional artists, and art educators in the region. We seek to provide a 21rst century maker space that puts powerful contemporary tools into people's hands to facilitate an engaged, creative life. 

Vision Statement

The Center will study aspects of the use of technology in the Arts. It is an open forum where makers, thinkers and doers will present their work through lecture, workshop, practicum, symposia and exhibition. There are many projects including 2d, 3d and 4d implementation of contemporary technology including, interactivity, animation, installation, physical computing, the philosophy of technology, digital fabrication, 3d printing, computer numerical control milling, and so on. These activities will support and supplement Art Department Curriculum and reach to other parts of the university. 

To accomplish these goals we plan to implement a variety of programs. Guest lectures and exhibitions will be a primary source of programming for the center. There are artist in residencies and artist incubator programs. There is also interactive programming with other institutions and artists in real time.  These seminars integrate curriculum with the College of Art and Communication and the William Paterson University Campus. The seminars will be a resource for education within the University as well as throughout the region for visual arts educators development programs.

Courses in the Center are open to matriculated and non matriculated students and support careers in new technology fields. 


In the 1980’s David Haxton began the Center for Computer Art and Animation implementing a new and expansive curriculum using computer media to realize art and animation projects. It was one of the first of its kind in New Jersey and the United States. In 2009 Rees was invited to be chair of the center. The name was changed to the Center for New Art to expand the potential for the use of technology in the arts. 

Resources at the Center for New Art

We have a Laboratory at the Center that includes five 3d printers, two 3d scanners, a computer numerical control gantry milling machine, a laser cutter, and a compendium of software to design, fix, and implement 3d computing and automatic manufacture. 

The Visiting Artist program is a robust and rich resource of the center. Students and faculty participate fully and more information can be found online here.