JusticeThe William Paterson University Pre-Law Program is designed to provide students with the foundational legal knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for success in law school. Directed by Professor Michael Luis Principe, a former law professor who was voted 1996 professor of the year by the Salmon P. Chase College of Law graduating class, the Pre-Law Program includes specific coursework, pre-law workshops featuring lawyers and law school administrators as speakers, and advisement on the law school application process. Although housed in the Political Science Department, the Program is open to students majoring in any discipline within the university. Among the courses offered in the Program are: The American Judicial System, Constitutional Law: Judicial Process, Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties, Comparative Rights, and International Law. Former participants in the WPU Pre-Law Program have gone on to attend such law schools as Cornell Law School, Fordham Law School, Cambridge University Law School, Rutgers/Newark Law School, Seton Hall Law School, and Rutgers/Camden Law School. For more information on the WPU Pre-Law Program, please contact Professor Michael Luis Principe at principem@wpunj.edu