Dean Daryl J. Moore, College of the Arts and Communication, Served as Panelist at Conference in China

Moore spoke about the topic of visual arts in higher education

Dean Daryl J. Moore (center) at conference

Daryl J. Moore, dean of the College of the Arts and Communication at William Paterson University, was invited to be a panelist and speaker at the prestigious Third Shanghai Biennial of the Graphic Design of Asia (SAGD) conference held in China from November 24 to 27, 2015.  Moore spoke about the topic of visual arts in higher education.

The conference united an international panel of design practitioners and educators to explore and discuss the relevancy of graphic design and its place in society — thematically based on the idea of regeneration and the visual language of information and communication.

In his presentation, Moore focused on the idea of providing a fertile environment of “new ways of seeing,” based on the visual arts program in the University’s College of the Arts and Communication. He also addressed rethinking current modalities of visual arts’ curriculums and delivery using the biennial conference as a platform to share the progress being made at William Paterson.

We are in a crucial time in design in higher education with respect to sustainability and the importance of the arts in the global society we all inhabit,” says Moore. “We are defining and creating fertile ground for future thinkers, makers and doers. That is the charge that we’ve embraced at William Paterson University’s College of the Arts and Communication.”

“The University’s Center for New Art at William Paterson is a dynamic hub for exploration and knowledge creation, where our students, faculty and visiting artists utilize the contemporary tools of today and tomorrow – 3D printers, giant carving seven axis robots and traditional processes – to bring their visions to life,” says Moore.

The biennial SAGD conference is held in the heart of Shanghai and attracts visual arts educators, students and design professionals from Asia, Europe and America.

List of participating schools included:

  • South Hampton Solent University, School of Art, Design and Fashion, United Kingdom
  • Tongji University College of Design and Innovation
  • School of Art Design and Media, East China University of Science and Technology
  • School of Design, East China Normal University
  • College of Communication, Art & Design, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
  • School of Art Design, Shanghai Business College
  • College of Art Design, Shanghai University of Engineering Science
  • Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
  • College of Arts and Sciences, Shanghai Maritime University
  • City College of Artistic Design and Creation School, Zhejiang University
  • College of Art at Suzhou Vocational University
  • Shandong University of Art and Design
  • Shandong University of Arts
  • Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
  • William Paterson University, College of the Arts and Communication