Faculty Research by Professors Corey Basch, Jennifer DiNoia, and Jason Wicke Draws National Attention

Research studies by members of the University faculty have resulted in vast media coverage

Jennifer DiNoia, Sociology

Recent research studies by members of the University faculty have resulted in vast media coverage throughout the metropolitan area and across the country.

Research by Jennifer DiNoia, Sociology, published in June in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal Preventing Chronic Disease that revealed a list of “powerhouse fruits and vegetables” was picked up by more than 400 media outlets, including the Washington Post, WOR-AM, WCBS-AM, Glamour magazine, and Men’s Health Magazine. It was also featured in a syndicated health column by Dr. Mehmet Oz that appears in newspapers nationwide.

Corey Basch, Public Health, the lead author of a study published in August also in the CDC journal Preventing Chronic Disease that demonstrated a large decline in the percentage of young people who reported wearing sunscreen, gained national and international media coverage, including a television interview with NBC Global that was distributed to NBC affiliates nationwide and aired on 79 stations across the country, including WNBC-TV.  The story has appeared in more than100 print, online, and broadcast outlets including U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo, MSN, WCBS-AM, London’s online Daily Mail, Delhi Daily News, Business Ghana, and News Tonight Africa.

A study by Jason Wicke, Kinesiology, that found that the pitching mechanics taught to young baseball players could contribute to injuries, also drew media attention.  The study, published in the journal Sports Biomechanics, resulted in a long television segment on NJTV’s evening news, as well as an interview on WOR-AM syndicated to more than 2,000 radio stations across the country.