Promotions, Appointments, and Retirements at the Cheng Library 

The Cheng Library saw several personnel changes in 2021. 

Pam Dews, Principal Library Assistant,
retires after 46 years of service.

The Cheng Library saw several personnel changes in 2021. 

In June, Alandria Moore was hired as an Acquisitions Specialist in the Technical Services Department. Alandria previously served as a Principal Library Assistant in the Lending Services Department. 

As the Acquisitions Specialist, Alandria is responsible for coordinating the purchasing of physical and digital materials for Library collections.  Alandria also assists librarians in facilitating purchasing of resources aligned with their liaison and subject areas. When asked about this new role Alandria stated, “I'm grateful for this amazing opportunity. As someone who never thought they would end up pursuing and loving a career in Library Sciences, it seems like a great fit for me! I get to learn more about the world of libraries and librarians than I ever thought I would. My library experience has provided a wealth of educational and fulfilling insight into what I want for myself as a writer. I can also see firsthand how important libraries are - not only to the people who enjoy literature- but entire communities who are able to have access to things they often would not.” 

In August, Sherri Tucker  transitioned from her role as a Principal Library Assistant in the Periodicals & Document Delivery Department to the Lending Services Department.

At the end of January 2021, Pam Dews retired after 46 years of service to William Paterson University. Pam served as a Principal Library Assistant in the Technical Services Department and was the longest-serving member of the Library staff at the time of her retirement. Over the years, Pam was invaluable to the Library’s collection management processes including several comprehensive inventory projects. Pam’s welcoming and friendly personality as well as her experience in the Library made her a valuable and cherished colleague. 


October 12, 2021