Cheng Library Wins “Overall Best” Award for Door Decorating Contest

Five library staff honored for their creative work during Homecoming Weekend.

The front doors of the Cheng Library decorated for Homecoming Weekend.

The Cheng Library was selected as the recipient of the “Overall Best” Award in the University’s Homecoming Door Decorating Contest in October. 

The Cheng Library has participated in this campus-wide competition for the past three years, and has always received an award for one of the contest’s categories.  Last year, the Cheng Library won for “Most Creative.”

Five Library staff members were responsible for the design, planning, construction, and installation of the decorations: Patricia Moore, Sherri Tucker, Radha Ravichandran, Leah Marie Zamora, and Gary Marks.  They were recently recognized for their ingenuity and creativity.

This year, the decorations incorporated collages that focused on different aspects of student life such as campus activities, athletics and alumni.  The dual themes of Pioneers and “One Willy P” were prominently displayed, and the design featured the creative utilization of the University’s brand “Will. Power.”  A list of events for Homecoming Weekend was also part of the presentation.

Congratulations to Leah, Radha, Pat, Sherri and Gary for this award!

February 12, 2018