Alandria Moore Appointed Principal Library Assistant

Alandria joins the Cheng Library Lending Services Department

Alandria Moore Principal Library Assistant

     Alandria Moore (pronounced Uh-Lawn-Dree-Uh) joined the Cheng Library staff in November 2020 as the new Principal Library Assistant in the Lending Services Department. Alandria is responsible for training and managing student and part-time employees in the department. She also participates in stacks maintenance activities and general library operations in the Lending Services department.
      Alandria received her Bachelor of Arts in Literary Studies with a Concentration in Fiction from Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts (aka The New School) in 2020 and has plans to pursue a master's degree in Library & Information Science and a master's degree in Creative Writing or possibly Fashion Studies in the future.
      Alandria began working in a library while attending college as a student employee and ultimately fell in love with the job. She is always happy to be helping people while also enjoying the independent responsibilities and teamwork that aid in the library's operations.
      Alandria's dream is to settle down in the South of France or Savannah, GA, and open a library or eclectic bookstore. She also aspires to author and publish a few collections of short stories and novels. In her free time outside of the library, Alandria enjoys making playlists, watching movies and television, Femme Fatales, scouring the internet for fantastic clothing pieces and knick knacks and creating unrealistic scenarios.
     Asked about joining the Cheng Library, she responded, "I'm so excited and honored to have joined a team that is so welcoming and helpful. I can't wait to meet and become acquainted with everyone, hopefully, sooner rather than later!"

February 10, 2021