Recent Additions to the Cheng Library’s Electronic Resources

The electronic resources collection at the Library continues to grow.

The Cheng Library continually reviews its collections, both print and electronic, and searches for new noteworthy and appropriate resources.  During the winter recess, the Library negotiated some exciting new acquisitions and subscriptions.

More than 20,000 new e-books were added to the Library’s collection from the vendor, ebrary.  Although these books have no physical presence unless some of the pages are printed, if the equivalent number of print books were placed edge to edge, they would stretch from the Cheng Library to 1600 Valley Road.

A recent subscription to the ScienceDirect Freedom Collection, will contribute an additional 500+ electronic journals to the Library’s current holdings.  As a result of adding this collection, the Library will now provide access to every journal in the ScienceDirect database with an Elsevier imprint.   Our expanded legal and news database, Westlaw Campus Research, provides all the benefits of the Westlaw “key” system for high-precision searching on topics, plus a substantial amount of new content.  These sources include a number of news and other secondary publications, including:

  • More than 5,000 news sources
  • More than 1,000 secondary publications in law (law reviews, legal news, etc.).

The Cheng Library invites you to sample these new electronic resources.  Simple connect to the Library’s web site to search for books, and click on the “Articles and Databases” tab to connect to ScienceDirect or Westlaw Campus Research.


February 24, 2014