IRT – Now Located in the Library

The department of Instruction and Research Technology (IRT) is now located in the Library building.

The entrance to IRT in the Library

The Library is pleased to welcome the department of Instruction and Research Technology (IRT) to the Library building.  IRT is now located in the same area as Media Services which has long been a department of IRT but was always physically located in the Library.  The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (CTLT) and IRT staff offices formerly located in the Atrium are now connected to Media Services in a suite of rooms on the first floor.  The close association of IRT and the Library will foster collaborations and should facilitate access for faculty and students to the services of both units.

Sandie Miller, Director, said of the new setting, “We're delighted that we are now located in the Library as it is a central, focal point for the campus and we are looking forward to working closely with the Library to offer greater information technology services.”

Please visit IRT in its new location, and look for opportunities to develop your technological skills at training sessions scheduled in the new home of the CTLT, room 120k in the Library.

The members of the staff of IRT who now have offices in the Library include:

Sandra L. Miller, Ed.D., Director, Library 120d

Jane Hutchison, Associate Director, Library 120c

Denise Giummarra, Assistant Coordinator, Library 120e

Robert Harris, Assistant Director for Academic Technology, Library 120h

Jae Kim, Lead Instructional Technologist, Library 120i

Housen Maratouk, Instructional Technologist, Library 120j

March 04, 2013