Susan Sabatino, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Plans Retirement

Susan Sabatino plans to retire from the University following twenty-four years of service.

sabatinos LSusan Sabatino, Reference Librarian, will retire as of July 1, 2018.  Since 1994 she has served as a reference librarian and was also responsible for the Library’s publications.  In addition, she held the position of the New Jersey Documents Coordinator.

As the Library’s publications coordinator, Susan was responsible for the editing and duplication of the Library’s printed publications. She edited the issues of the Library’s newsletter, Connections, which is published in both print and electronic formats.  She was also responsible for the creation of information brochures for faculty, staff and undergraduate and graduate students. Most of these printed publications have moved to electronic format and are now available on the Library’s website.

For many years as the Library’s New Jersey Documents Coordinator, Susan was responsible for the collection made available by the New Jersey State Library and the documents depository system.  This collection included monographs, annuals and serials - all published by the departments and agencies of the state government. She was an active member of the New Jersey Documents Association and served as chair of the State Documents Interest Group for seven years.

For more than two decades, she was the Library’s selector for art and mathematics and worked to develop its collection of art and math books and media.  She has been a long-standing member of the Faculty Senate Graduate Programs Council, and held the title of co-chair for the past three years. 

Susan commented that she values the many co-workers and friends she has encountered during the past years. While she will miss all of the activities, shared projects and scholarly discussions that are part of the Cheng Library, she looks forward to traveling, reading and spending more time with her family. 


May 14, 2018