Interlibrary Loan and Article Copy Service Unveils New Patron Interface: LILACS

The Cheng Library introduces a new patron interface for the interlibrary loan and article copy service.

The  Cheng Library is pleased to introduce a new patron interface for the interlibrary loan and article copy service.  The Library recently began subscribing to a new system for processing interlibrary loan requests.  This new system confers many benefits for both the patrons who use the system and the staff who process the requests.  Users are now empowered with additional options for submitting, managing, and tracking their interlibrary loan and article copy requests.  

The system provides a Web-based interface that allows users to access their accounts anywhere via the Internet.  First-time users must log-in with their University username and 855 number, but are able to create their own password after that.  The user’s profile – contact information, preferred delivery methods, etc. – is automatically inserted into each request.

Users are able to track and receive their requests electronically through the interactive, online system.  Should the user need to extend the loan period for a book or media item, he or she can log into the system and request an extension on the due date.

The new system allows the Library staff to manage all of the Library’s borrowing, lending and document delivery through a single, online interactive portal.  If the interlibrary loan staff  has questions or needs further clarification about a request, it is possible to quickly email the patron with details related specifically to that transaction. 

With the new portal, the library is able to deliver larger files, even files with color images, since there are no limits on file sizes for articles or book chapters.  If the user has questions or comments to convey to the staff, space is available to add these notes to the request.

Additionally, the Cheng Library has also extended the use of this portal for processing “article copy requests.”   The Library will photocopy an article from any newspaper, magazine, or scholarly journal in its collection.  The copy of the article will be sent via email to the user.

Users of the new system are happy about the ease with which they are able to submit new requests, as well as retrieve past articles.  The system automatically retains requested articles in the user’s profile for 60 days.

The new system has been named LILACS, Library Interlibrary Loan and Article Copy Service.  The Library has a detailed Web page with information about this new service.  A tutorial has also been designed to acquaint new users with some of the intricacies of the system.  The tutorial is available from the Library Web page.

We invite the University community to try this new portal for processing both interlibrary loan requests as well as copies of articles in periodicals the Cheng Library owns.

If you have questions about the system, contact Judy Matthew, Head of Periodicals and Document Delivery, at 973-720-2346 or by email at


October 14, 2013