Cheng Library Celebrates National Library Week

The Cheng Library sponsors several events during National Library Week.

Selfie Station Wendi LThe Cheng Library recently formulated a Social Media Team to organize and manage its social media presence. Led by the new Reference & Outreach Librarian, the team is comprised of faculty and staff from various departments in the library. The purpose of the team is to organize the social media efforts of the Cheng Library to engage library users.  An additional goal of the team will be to lead efforts to publicize and market the Library’s resources and services.

The team’s first big campaign coincided with National Library Week which provided an appropriate opportunity to enhance the Library's social media presence.  The team took a comprehensive approach during this week and scheduled many enjoyable activities for students. 

In a true team effort, each member offered individual skills, expertise, and ideas to this project. If you ventured into the library, you surely noted the “Self-Checkout Selfie” station and the “I Love the Library because” thought bubbles near the entrance. This public area gave library patrons a fun and unique way to let others know the value they find in the library. It also showed the creativity of the Cheng Library, and the collective endeavors the staff often undertake. 

Members of the team also designed a full display case of National Library Week materials in the Current Events Display. The team created customized images and slides that were coordinated and displayed on the library website, through Library Social Media channels, and throughout the building to promote awareness of National Library Week. The team members arranged to co-host a workshop detailing access to library resources for the WPU Model United Nations and the Political Science Club during the week.

The team's efforts for this event were well received on campus and this reception was equally matched on social media. The team intends to keep the momentum going as they continue to analyze the library's social media efforts and organize future publicity endeavors. The Social Media Team is currently in the process of drafting policies and guidelines for postings and updates.  The members have a coordinated approach to posting new announcements, and any team member may create a new item to publicize an event. 

The Cheng Library staff will post announcements and updates  periodically.  We invite you to follow the Library using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  For more information about the Library’s social media accounts, please contact Gary Marks, Reference and Outreach Librarian, at

Students were invited to complete the phrase, “I Love the Library because . . .” 

A few of the responses are listed below.

  • It provides me with all my resources.
  • It is peaceful and quiet so I can get all of my research and papers done. #WP
  • It is where man and book meet.
  • I can travel without leaving my desk and meet my heroes (alive and past) face to face.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • They have paintings everywhere!
  • I love the books! And I can take them home!
  • The staff are amazing.
  • I can get my work done without having any distractions.
  • I want to graduate one day.
  • It is my home away from home.
  • Free textbooks!

May 14, 2018