Dean Ciliberti Introduces New Strategic Plan for Library

Dean Ciliberti shares goals of the new strategic plan developed for the Cheng Library.

As a member of the University’s Strategic Planning Committee, I was delighted when the new plan, William Paterson University Strategic Plan 2012-2022: A Model of Outstanding and Affordable Public Higher Education was approved in March, 2012.  The hard work of the Committee resulted in an excellent blueprint designed to guide the University’s collective efforts for a ten-year period. The Plan not only builds upon the University’s strengths and unique opportunities, it articulates specific directions and goals for meeting the myriad of current and future challenges facing today’s higher education institutions.

The creation of the University Strategic Plan provided an exceptional opportunity to develop a new strategic plan for the David and Lorraine Cheng Library, since the University plan’s carefully crafted goals furnished a foundation and context for a new round of Library planning. In July, 2012, with support from the Provost’s Office, the Library engaged the services of DeEtta Jones, a nationally recognized academic library planning consultant. A 19-member committee was formed comprising representatives from the library staff, the Council of Chairs, the Associate Provost, the Director of Instruction and Research Technology and the Chief Information Officer. With leadership from Jones, the Committee met throughout the summer months and established a set of framework documents: new mission, vision and core value statements as well as five Library goals that carefully align with the goals of the University Plan. During the FY13 academic year, Library staff developed specific objectives designed to guide and advance the achievement of the Library goals through 2016.

As the Dean of Library Services, I am especially proud to share the new Library goals in this issue of Connections. We hope you will agree that we are responding effectively and creatively to the challenges of delivering excellent library resources, services and instruction to the University community in an era of tumultuous change.

Technology is no longer a novelty or an ancillary benefit, but an essential and functional component of every aspect of the Library’s workflow, resources and services. Scholarly publishing business models are changing so rapidly that many journals, databases and monographs are no longer simply purchased, but “acquired” through subscription and/or lease arrangements. And, of course, the full impact of the Internet on how instructors and students find and use information is a story still unfolding. Despite the many significant changes to the traditional landscape of academic librarianship, the Cheng Library’s new strategic plan affirms its commitment to the mission of supporting the academic goals of William Paterson University, as evidenced in the five goals shared below. Other elements of the plan are available at

  • The Library will increase and strengthen its presence and contributions to all aspects of online education—teaching and learning, research, services and resources;
  • The Library will enhance its collections and their usability to best support the University’s academic goals;
  • The Library will establish a comprehensive communication strategy, tailored to each of its stakeholder groups, to articulate values, to foster collaboration, and to increase awareness and use of its services and resources;
  •  The Library will create physical and virtual learning spaces where students and faculty can productively interact with each other, with Library staff and with Library resources;
  • The Library will lead and innovate, bringing to campus new directions and opportunities for the delivery and use of academic knowledge.

Dr. Anne Ciliberti

Dean of Library Services

September, 2013




October 14, 2013